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Remote Healing is available for
all services.

Main Location:
17652 Munn Rd
Chagrin Falls, Oh 44023

Saturday and Monday:
3 Spirals Studio
8221 E. Washingtion St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

  • Monday
    9 AM - 12 PM
    (3 Spirals Studio)
  • Tuesday
    9 AM - 5 PM
  • Wednesday
    1 PM - 9 PM
    (Remote Only after 6pm)
  • Thursday
    9 AM - 5 PM
  • Friday
    9 AM - 5 PM
  • Saturday
    9 AM - 2 PM
    (3 Spirals Studio)
  • Closed Sunday

What is energy?

Every living thing has a frequency that can be measured,  from a blade of grass in your front yard to your own body.  Our bodies know exactly what frequency it needs to be, to be at its best.  Unfortunately,  we tend to get in our own way and either end up with a frequency that is too high and become totally scattered or too low and feel totally lethargic. Clearing blockages in our energy system is essential for us to live a balanced and centered life. Working with you to clear these energy blocks is what I do.  Here are a few quick suggestions to help you get started on your new path.

Need to raise your frequency?

Meditation or prayer.
Take a walk.

Need to lower your frequency?

Bring your attention to your feet and where you are standing.
Hug or lean up against a tree.
Or my personal favorite, eat dark chocolate.

Being Balanced means you will feel better both physically and mentally!

- Lessens body aches, pains, illness and disease.
- Feel more happiness and joy.
- More productive and focused.
- Better peaceful sleep.

Staying Centered and Balanced gives your body a chance to heal itself!  

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, we just need to learn how to allow it to do so.

Release Trauma

Releasing trauma can be a life changing event and one that I do not take lightly. It is not easy, and will be a process, but you can move on with your life in a better place. We will start just as I would any healing session with asking for your Guides and Angels to come in to not only assist but also help support your healing. Everyone is different so I can not tell you how many sessions you will need or if you ever will be able to completely release a traumatic event

Tami Levine, LMT, SGM

As a Certified Spiritual Guidance Mentor my goal is to strengthen your relationship with your Higher Spirit. I work with people of all religious back grounds. Being a Medically Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master for over 20 years, I have built a successful practice by intuitively understanding what my clients are feeling and what they need to feel better.  Now as a Certified Spiritual Guidance Mentor from Atlantic University I have the tools to help your on your path to a more fulfilling and loving relationship with your Higher Spirit. I am also a Certified Meditation Teacher and a Dream Interpretation Teacher.

Our location

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17652 Munn Rd
Chagrin Falls, Oh 44023
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First Time?

Here is what you should expect. My promise to you is to be there for you and support you on your path to a stronger relationship with your Higher Spirit. I will be there for you as long as you need me. I just ask that you honor my time also. Please show up on time for your appointments and be ready to work. Please understand that I am here to work with you and that I can not do the work for you. If I feel that you need more help then I can give you, I have a list of professionals that I will share with you.

Remote Healing

Remote sessions work the same way as an in-person session. I do not need to put my hands on you. The energy exchange is done from HEART CHAKRA TO HEART CHAKRA. There is plenty of scientific information out there on Quantum Physics that you can read that explain how energy is exchanged through time and space.

What our clients say

Dale S.


Tami has been working with me for over ten years on my internal energy
flow and meditative practices. As an energy healer, Tami has helped me
to work through major issues and blockages that often manifested
themselves in emotional and physical ways. Tami's approach is open,
non-judgmental, and creates a safe and nurturing space that keeps you at
ease. Tami is also a teacher. During sessions, she provides you with the
appropriate tools to improve your own energy healing practice at home.
In recent years, while traveling, I have been able to continue working
with Tami in a virtual capacity (via zoom) and have found our sessions
to be equally effective.
Everyone needs someone who can assist them in staying centered and
aligned. For me, Tami is that person. She is an exceptional healer and

Steve D.


I have been using Tami Levine twice a month for years. I started with massage, where
she always thoroughly addressed the problem. I always knew about her gift to work on my energy field; this was included in the massage therapy. For the past two years I rely
on her to keep me in contact with my guides and angels, since I presently don't have the
gift to do it by myself. Every session is a healing. I am continually amazed at how long
term ailments can be energetically connected to childhood trauma and eliminated.

Carol T.


Energy work is truly amazing and beyond all expectations. I had a mired of physical problems which led to frustration and depression as my daily functions diminished month after month. Tami with her vast knowledge, kindness and understanding was able to help me regain my life back in body, mind, and soul. While traditional medicine is very helpful energy work has proven to be the combination of all modalities without the necessity of drugs. A wonderful experience that I look forward to every time I
visit her.

Donna D.


In 2015, a friend referred me to Tami Levine, as I was in need of energy work.

At that time in life I was feeling stuck, and unable to move forward with situations
I was trying to move forward with.

My first visit with Tami was strictly Reiki, I found it very positive and it produced
the outcome I had been seeking. My energy which had been obstructed was now
moving again. Within two weeks, what I had been working on in life materialized.

Since that first visit, I have sought Tami’s help countless times for energy work as
well as massage.

All visits with Tami even if massage therapy, were always incorporated with energy
work. Reiki with Tami has consistently been of great benefit to me, spiritually,
mentally and physically. Nor does Tami need to do physical massage, to release
tied up muscles, or nerves I’ve pinched at times from work I had been doing. She
has been able to release things in my body, through energy work alone.

Additionally, Tami has been a great teacher and life coach for me countless times.
I’ve learned from Tami how to meditate at home, and even how to keep my
energy flowing during times of stress.
Whether Tami is working on you in person or remotely, the outcome will be the
same, which is a great benefit for me when I’m unable to connect with her in

You won’t find a more compassionate and genuinely caring professional to work
with, and I can’t recommend Tami’s services enough. She is always an absolute
pleasure to spend time with, and never have I been disappointed

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